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Boating is fun! But just like a joke stops being funny when it hurts someone's feelings, fun on a boat ends when it stops being safe and imposes threat to both humans and wildlife.

Observing wildlife is one of the perks of being on a boat ride in Miami. Miami waterways wildlife is abundant. On a single boat ride you can witness dolphins, sting rays, starfish, raccoons and possums, a variety of birds and the most special event is coming across manatees. You might have also heard of them as sea cows. These huge and slow mammals are super friendly and so much fun to watch!

Wildlife viewing boat rental Miami
Where to see Manatees in Miami

In Florida you can spot a manatee or the whole herd of them pretty much anywhere. They prefer calm warm water and mostly seen in coastal waters, bays, slow rivers and springs. Our boaters at Miami Party Boat Rentals spot manatees a lot near Oleta River State Park, Haulover Sandbar, Beer Can Island, Haulover marina and docks areas. Just a ride on North and South Miami Intracoastal along the calm narrow canals have great chances of coming across a group of manatees enjoying a sunny day and a lazy swim.

Wildlife viewing boat rental Miami
Manatees in Florida

Their slow and friendly demeanor makes manatees a great animal to observe in natural wild environment. However, at the same time it accounts for the majority of accidental collisions with watercrafts, resulting in severe injury to the mammals and sometimes deaths.

Here at Miami Party Boat Rentals we love wildlife, respect nature and try to do our best not to harm the environment and its inhabitants. All our boats are equipped with special shields - hydrofoil attached to propellers. This equipment protects marine mammals from injury, at the same time improving the boats' performance and protecting boaters from aftermath of accidental collisions.

Wildlife viewing boat rental Miami
Safe Boats for rent in Miami

We invite you to join our team of passionate boaters and become our regular clients who share similar values and views when it comes to boating! Boat ride or boat party in Miami is always a great idea and one of the best way to spend a day on a weekend! We can have all the fun and be responsible and compassionate human beings at the same time.

Practice safe boating with us and be happy!

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