Children love to play, jump, run, swirl, crawl… and they seem to never run out of steam. Anything water related usually makes them ecstatic and happy like never before. Running in the rain, splashing through puddles, jumping into swimming pools, fighting with the waves, playing with water guns – they love it all! And boating is something so totally awesome and thrilling – a child can only dream of.

Over here, at Miami Party Boat Rentals, we are happy to welcome families with kids. Their joy and eager anticipation of an upcoming boat trip makes us joyful! We would like to encourage parents to introduce children of any age to boating, as days spent on the water will become some of the most memorable days of their childhood.

Some might think that keeping little ones safe aboard have its challenges. We strive to make boating experiences for kids both fun and safe and believe that knowing the safety rules, following them and having the right set of mind is the key to happy boating.

Here’s what we suggest parents should know before boating with children:

1. Life jackets. Never neglect the importance of wearing a life jacket. Children younger than 12 years old should wear life jackets at all times when the boat is in motion. Check if the life jacket is well adjusted and fits right (not too big).

2. Swimming lessons. Encourage your children taking swimming lessons – aside of boating good swimming skills will be extremely beneficial for kids well being and good health.

3. Sunscreen. Don’t forget sunscreen and reapply it often!

4. First-Aid Kit. Make sure there is a first-aid kit onboard or bring your own. You should consider bringing along: band aids, vinegar (to treat jelly fish stings), tweezers (to pull splinters).

5. Do NOT use Car Seats. Using a car seat on a boat is dangerous – should the boat capsize, the car seat would sink instantly.

6. Keeping kids warm. Don’t let your children getting too cold or hot on a boat. Make sure the boat provides enough shade to hide from the afternoon sun and take plenty of clothes/blankets to keep everyone warm, should it get chilly.

To make sure you and your children will have FUN on board (and not a nightmare), there a few things to consider beforehand. Read through these few bits of lore and thank us later:

1. Ages 0 to 7 – SHORT boat rides equals fun. LONG boat rides equals disaster. Make sure to take plenty of toys (floats, water toys, handheld net to scoop up water and sand) along and anchor the boat for swimming breaks.

2. Ages 8 to 12 – there are PLENTY of things to do for kids of this age. Looking for marine life and identifying them, exploring things ashore, searching a treasure with the help of a pirates map (everything, of course, should be planned by caring parents), collecting seashells, building sandcastles, snorkeling, kayaking, learning everything about the boat and how it operates.

3. Teenagers – any watersport is the way to go! Kayaking, snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding, just to name a few. Other fun options: grilling and chilling ashore, playing volleyball or Frisbee, navigating the boat under the supervision.

We hope our advice will be useful for future boaters and those doubting if boating with kids is a good idea.

Happy sails!

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