Local Startup which Proved to Be Successful (for a local newspaper)

On a Sunday afternoon Duffy’s Sports Grill of North Miami Beach is very busy. The bar is packed and the dining area outside on the deck is full. Waiters are rushing with trays of beer and light snacks; Miami Heat vs. Orlando Magic is on the screens. But it is not only the game that brings people to this restaurant. Duffy’s is a popular place among boaters to stop by and have a quick bite with an amazing water view and a convenience of a spacious dock for boats of almost any sizes.

“I think I have brought my share of customers to this place since I started my boat rental business,” Pavel says and smiles, “I should have been given gratitude of unlimited free beer at the least!” He prefers Guinness on draft, which he unfairly has to pay for.

Pavel Pinchuk is the owner of Miami Party Boat Rentals LLC, a relatively new boat rental company in North Miami – this year Pavel will celebrate a two-year-successfully-in-business milestone.

Miami Party Boat Rentals was established in 2012 and is conveniently located at the corner of the Intracoastal Shopping Plaza at 163rd Street, right next to Duffy’s Sports Grill.

Pavel is not only the owner – he is the boat captain as well. Even though he is only 29, he actually looks like one – with a funky mustache, deep sun tan and kind, always smiling eyes. He graduated from Florida International University in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, but rather than pursuing a career in finance, he chose a completely different direction – started a boat rental business.

Pavel always wanted to become a boat owner and to try boating. Several years ago he bought an apartment by the water and right away got his first boat – a 22 Feet Bentley pontoon. He quickly got the feel of it, became passionate about boating and really enjoyed the luxury of being a boat owner. He was happy to see his dream come true.

One day some acquaintances suggested renting out his boat from time to time. This meant an easy extra income and Pavel gladly agreed. It didn’t take him long to realize that a boat rental business would allow making a decent income while doing what he actually liked and enjoyed.

“There is never a shortage of customers in Miami”, he says, “Tourists come here all year long and with some minimal simple marketing the business started growing quickly”.

Two years since the starting point of his entrepreneurial journey, Pavel is totally happy with this decision and feels no less excited and enthusiastic about his job and his company than he was at the very beginning.

“I love boats, spending time outside and my duties of a boat captain. I like showing Miami and its beautiful water views to my clients. During these 2 years in business, I have never had a single unsatisfied customer – everybody returns from a boat trip feeling absolutely happy,” he says, “Their positive emotions make me happy in return and charge with positive energy. I think this is the best part of my working routine.”

“Downsides of this business? I have to pay taxes”, he jokes.

The reason why clients should choose Miami Party Boat Rentals over dozens of other boat rental companies in Miami and neighborhood area is simple: being a small family business of only several employees, they offer individual approach to each client, try to accommodate their clients’ needs and work with any budgets. Miami Party Boat Rentals’ main policy is to provide a customer with a happy boating experience and to make this luxury type of entertainment affordable. They gladly agree hosting any kinds of events on a boat – birthdays and engagements, wedding photo shoots, romantic getaways or guided tours.

Pavel’s intentions, goals and expectations for the future of Miami Party Boat Rentals are grand and optimistic.

“We want to keep growing, buy more boats, expand our services and eventually become the leading boat rental company in Miami!” he concludes. Possibly, this alluring picture strikes his imagination and a big smile brightens his face.

November 30, 2014

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