September 5, 2018

There are a bunch of ideas to make a party memorable. You can make it special and worth remembering. Whether it is yours or for your girlfriend, you can choose to celebrate it differently from how it was been all over times. Planning to take the party onto high waters can give it a different taste. At the end of the day, it’ll come with a fantastic outcome and this impressive party will elevate your worthiness in her life.


Children love to play, jump, run, swirl, crawl… and they seem to never run out of steam.  Anything water related usually makes them ecstatic and happy like never before. Running in the rain, splashing through puddles, jumping into swimming pools, fighting with the waves, playing with water guns – they love it all! And boating is something so totally awesome and thrilling – a child can only dream of.

Over here, at Miami Part...

November 30, 2014

Local Startup which Proved to Be Successful (for a local newspaper)

On a Sunday afternoon Duffy’s Sports Grill of North Miami Beach is very busy. The bar is packed and the dining area outside on the deck is full.  Waiters are rushing with trays of beer and light snacks; Miami Heat vs. Orlando Magic is on the screens. But it is not only the game that brings people to this restaurant. Duffy’s is a popular place among boaters...

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